zoya photography
Photo by Troy Underwood

I strive to earn your respect and admiration for the work I do for you. Creating the most beautiful images possible in a story-book that will move your spirit and help the memory last forever. I will capture your event with style and feeling. The composition of your images will be in documentary style where every photograph I do for you will be done deliberately with creatively to tell your story about your big day. Though my approach is candid in nature, during the formal shots my style is elegant and classic. Every detail is considered and close attention is paid to the composition of the image.

My goal and the key to my work are to stay connected with my clients and to capture the day’s feelings. I will do my best to gain your trust and the permission of others. This allows me to step into your world and share in your experience. When you hire me you get a different approach; you receive more than a traditional wedding album. You receive a book of beautiful photos telling your story about your big day.

I have experience working with a variety of clients with different needs and expectations. Most of my clients go to a beautiful place where they can convey a certain feeling. So they choose their site carefully as well as their photographer’s vision. I set out to combine the content with the technique to create a powerful portrait of my subject in the place. This to me is a subtle and powerful difference between good and great. When exposure, composition and the art elements are in place we have a good image.

But then I keep pushing for more my goal is to do more than provide a good photograph but an image that creates something to you that transcends both time and place. When my client stops seeing herself, and just feels the tranquility, the humor or the raw feelings then we have something great that will last a lifetime.

— Zoya