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“Tender and sweet, not the usual couple portrait.”


Zoya DiCaprio, an Alexandria, VA, USA-based WPJA member, takes a more spiritual approach to capturing intimate moments between the betrothed and their parents. “I’m constantly aware I’m in someone else’s space,” she says, “but I’m there as a vessel. Photographing a wedding is like meditating for a long time. I’m constantly in the moment, which feels good. It’s the bride and groom’s time and I feel privileged to be in their space. I’ve had to walk in really close to people at very sensitive times. When I have to do that, I try to be quick, respectful and totally in the moment.”

zoya dicaprio wedding photography
Emotion category at WPJA competition

Dicaprio’s photograph of a bride dancing with her father, which placed in the Emotion category in a WPJA competition, was a sensitive moment as such. All day, the bride’s father had been stalwart, showing no emotion whatsoever, she recalls. Then at the reception, his emotions got the best of him. “That often happens when fathers dance the first dance with their daughters,” she says. Even so, this family was so somber that the father’s sudden display of feelings was a surprise. The picture, however, didn’t elude her. “When you put experience, being in the moment, and empathy together, you see the moments come.”

Father’s Day

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2003 – First place on www.Dotphoto.com


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Second place Dotphoto.com 2003

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WPJA Winter 2004 Transportation


“Very fun moment. I like the feeling of them escaping into the woods.”