I have photographed hundreds of weddings and all my past clients are my references. If you wish to talk to other couples whose weddings I’ve photographed, I will be happy to give you their contact information after we meet.

Shopping for a photographer

zoya_dicaprio_photo_trn_08Talk to at least three photographers and view their work. Decide which photographic style, traditional vs. photojournalistic, you like. Then agree on your budget. And finally, decide whether you like the photographer’s personality. Some additional points to keep in mind are:

  • Do I like her style?
  • Does he listen well, or is he more of a talker?
  • Is she flexible, or will she do things her way, regardless of your desires?
  • Does he direct the conversation, or follow your lead?
  • Is she accommodating to your wants and needs, or is she set in her ways?
  • When and where will formal portraits of wedding party be taken?
  • What about photos of friends and family?
  • Where will the photographer be during the ceremony?
  • Will she abide by the rules of the church and officiator?
  • How distracting or intrusive will the photographer be?

Take your time. Don’t be pressured. You’re making a large investment. If you are not comfortable with a photographer, he’s probably not the right one for you. Remember, you will be working with this person before, during and after your wedding day. I encourage you to look at entire weddings and ask yourself Do I like this style? Which photos do I like best? How different is one wedding from another?

View a sample of a complete wedding album

What kind of photo albums do I offer?

Albums are by Art Leather. They are high-quality custom-made, archival and acid free albums that carry a lifetime warranty. If you prefer another album, then I would order it for you.


I use high-end Canon professional digital equipment with resolution of 10 or 12 mega pixels. I always bring back-up equipment — at least three of everything — and many lenses. Sometimes an associate assists me, at no extra charge to the clients.

Digital Imaging

At a minimum I do a color correction, contrast enhancement and cropping. On some select images I do some special effects.

Film vs. digital?

While film can be scanned and transferred into a digital medium, shooting directly to digital does offer several advantages. Retouching a digital photograph, for example, is less time consuming, and therefore less expensive, than retouching a comparable film-based photo. Also, digital photography allows a level of artistic customization that might not be otherwise possible. Furthermore, digital images allow faster turnaround, full- screen viewing and sharing via email on home computers. And finally, it is environmentally friendly without all the toxic chemicals and wasted paper.

How many photos will be taken?

That depends on the number of hours. On average, I shoot about 100 photos per hour and edit them down to about 50.

Are the proofs edited?

Yes. Most of my time goes into editing each photo individually. I do not use any batch processing to save time. Each photo may be corrected for color, contrast or cropping. The photo then maybe turned to black & white, sepia tone, tinted or colorized. The frames of the photos may get a special border or a filter may be used to create a mood. Click here for visual examples.

Is there a proof magazine?

Yes. The magazine displays all the numbered images from your wedding.

How long will it take to deliver previews and proof book?

One to two weeks.

How will we view our wedding pictures?

All your photos will be in a proof book that you will keep and also on the Web. You will have your personal password to share the on-line album with friends and family.

Reprints and enlargements

An 8 x 10 is a common size for wedding picture enlargements. However, other reprints may be 11×14, 12×18, or 24×36 on variety of paper types or canvas.\

How long will I store the images?

Digital media are stored for a minimum of two years on a backup hard drive. You may purchase your archival copies and the copyright to your photos at anytime.

What if, years later, the photos fade or turn color? What happens if the album falls apart or becomes discolored?

All prints, albums, CD’s, and products are lifetime guaranteed. If there is a problem with any item, it will be replaced at no charge.

Contract and payment

To avoid any misunderstandings between the client and the photographer, I require a written contract and a $300 deposit, which applies to your balance, to hold the day. The remainder is due the week of your wedding. You may purchase any album or CD at any time thereafter. Prices are locked in for three months following your wedding.

What happens if I cannot fulfill my obligation?

In case of an emergency, with your consent, a professional photographer will take my place. Otherwise, you should expect a full refund.

What happens if you need to cancel the contract?

When you book a date, I have to turn away any other requests for that time. If you cancel, for whatever reason, then you forfeit your deposit.