doorAfter the French manicure has chipped, the dress cleaned and put away, the tuxedo returned, and all the thank-you cards written, your mind will keep returning to the memory of your wedding day. The bride will remember the laughter – as well as tears of joy – she shared with her bridesmaids, sister, and mother as her heart skipped a beat when she first glimpsed at her reflection with perfect hair and fairy-tale gown. Meanwhile, the groom will recall the sophomoric jokes and dubious advice during the final moments of bachelorhood. Then the emotional catharsis of walking down the aisle toward making your solemn promises in front of a rapt crowd. And finally, the reception with dancing, toasts, wishes, kisses, and surprises. Your head will be spinning from champagne and happiness. You’ll be wishing this night would never have to end.

Wedding photojournalism is both an art and a science. Technically, the photographer works under natural lighting conditions without the benefits of artificial lighting equipment. All shots are un-posed and authentic. Artistically, the photographer captures the emotions.

AJ-M-001As an experienced wedding photojournalist, I will make your wedding day a storybook romance filled with all the special details that made your nuptials unique. I strive to combine the content with the technique to create a powerful portrait of the event. The sentiments, humor, and spontaneity of your photographs will transcend the ordinary portrait photography and capture the essence of your love for one another and the joy of everyone who shared this day with you.

I will remain connected with your throughout the day and document every significant moment and detail. I will gain your trust and permission to step into your world and share in your experience. When exposure, composition and the art elements are in place, we have a good image. But I keep pushing for more. When you forget that I am there with a camera, then we have something great. Your wedding album will tell your story and become a timeless keepsake you will cherish in your family.