Product Marketing for your business

Here are a few samples of my work for products that need photographs to convey themselves.

The photos are unedited and unaltered files that get to the clients who have their own designer/web developer and or editors who then further manipulate the photos to their fancy.


My goal is to provide sharp, high resolution files that convey your product in the way that would convey the best image for your buyers. When I meet with your company’s editor or stylists we talk about what your end goal with the photograph and how the images should be conveyed. After some trial and error and further consult I get to work the most efficient way possible to save time and present the end product to you.

Close attention is paid to depth of field, lighting, backgrounds, color coordination and set up when your product is being modeled or propped. The lighting is adjusted to account for different types of objects. I have photographed objects such as liquids, fabrics, metals, food, wood and acrylics.

Here is another shoot for a furniture company’s fabric samples. They needed un-styled, color balanced high resolution photos of the fabric that showed the type of fabric they use.

Now here is something I don’t understand. If you have a beautifully elegant product that has to potential to sell when presented with an artistic eye why would you take your own photos to do this? It’s like when you go and buy an expensive gift and wrap it in a cheap used box. What is that about? A professional photographer is a visual problems solver and an artist. Let us help you with your business with our talent. And stop giving yourselves haircuts.