Zoya they are so beautiful! My mom, Jay and I just looked through all of them- we’re having a family party to watch the slideshow later on tonight 🙂 It’s going to be hard to pick my favorites. We are definitely planning to have you put a book together, however it might be a few weeks before we get around to doing that. Jay and I got back from our honeymoon late Wednesday night and our house had a massive flood! It was a terrible way to end our honeymoon but at least we are all safe. We’re going to be living in a hotel for a few weeks while they mitigate the mold and get the house renovated. I’m also starting a new school year, teachers go back this week for me! When all of this is over I’ll be able to concentrate on other things and I will get in touch with you then.

Again, the pictures are wonderful, I couldn’t be happier!Kara and Jay


Thank you so much! I love all of them. I love them so much I am crying at work!!! I can’t even tell you how much I love them! Carl and I will start going through them tonight!

Zoya did an absolutely wonderful job with our wedding! For two people who absolutely hate to be photographed, she was able to connect with us in a way that made us feel comfortable and relaxed while shooting. Our photos turned out to be exceptional, and we both agree we have never looked so amazing in a photograph as we did in hers. She is extremely professional, and didn’t skip a beat when things went off schedule and array on our wedding day, as they often do in most weddings. In addition to her professionalism, her passion for her work and people meant that she went above and beyond what was expected of her to make sure we were pleased with the final outcome, providing an amazing level of customer service that is rare these days. She was of the utmost professional and I would recommend her without hesitation.
Matt & Emily
We absolutely loved having Zoya photograph our wedding. She was able to capture the magic of our extraordinary day. Her pictures tell the story of how our nuptials developed. There were moments and emotions that we missed or forgot in the whirlwind of our wedding day, and her pictures are special reminders of a moment that we will cherish for a lifetime.
Jennifer Boyer
Dear Zoya, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation “I hired Zoya to photograph my wedding. She is professional and very creative. She has a very good eye for detail and did a good job of being at the right time and place to take very good photos of the entire event. Her photographic style was exactly what we had in mind and we were extremely pleased with the photos she took. I highly recommend her for any photography assignment. You will not be disappointed in the least.” Service Category Photographer Year first hired 2005 Top Qualities Great Results, Expert, Creative
Jeff Fasceski

Hey there. I just wanted to tell you that we truly enjoyed having you at the wedding and we appreciate your patience in dealing with the predictable pulling and pushing you received from our friends and family.

I think back while flipping through the proof book and recall telling you why we decided to go with you as our photographer. It was that in every book I saw of yours, you always had several of the incredible shots, over and above your signature stills. Well you outdid yourself at our wedding…………at least in my mind. You far exceeded my hopes for incredible shots, providing us with so many that it makes selecting photos for the books that much easier… and yet harder. Either way, know that you captured everything perfectly and our memories are forever preserved in the special moments you have sealed up in your photos. You will always be who we refer to for our friends in hopes that they too can experience your art. A perfect night will always be at our fingertips.
Bill Saltenberger

Dear Zoya –

I came across the link to your website very early in the wedding planning – we hadn’t even picked out our ceremony location. We weren’t thinking about photographers just yet, but I decided to visit your website anyway. After looking at several weddings you photographed, I knew that your style was what I wanted for our wedding. Later, I visited scores of other photographers’ websites, but none of their pictures spoke to me the way yours did – they were just pictures of people and weddings. Your approach set you apart from others – although your style remained consistent throughout multiple weddings, you captured the nuances of every couple and their day, which made every story unique! So, I saved your website to my Favorites, and when Bert asked me about a photographer a few months later, I told him I already had one in mind.

That was almost a year ago. Now, two weeks after our wedding, we are absolutely delighted that you documented our wedding! Our pictures are stunning! They are exactly what we had in mind.

Your pictures speak for themselves – your talent and artistic vision are evident in every one you take! In addition to your incredible ability to catch that special moment and capture it in a shot, you are very personable, thoughtful and warm. I was really touched when, after learning that Bert had emergency surgery the day before the wedding, you called me with a suggestion that he wear a Polo shirt and khakis at the wedding to be more comfortable!

We appreciate the superb job you did on May 27th – you were a pleasure to work with. Our family and friends love the pictures as much as we do! Thank you for everything,

Bert and Janna

Dear Zoya,
Just a note to thank you for your help on our wedding day (&engagement session!). You were a wonderful calming influence and inspired artiste’. I really appreciate your openness to our desired pics and adding great pics we never would have thought of doing.
Dear Zoya,
We just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful job you did photographing our wedding. You were a pleasure to work with from the beginning and made planning a wedding from out-of-state and out-of-country ( Iraq! ) extremely painless. On our wedding day you captured all of the important shots in a very unobtrusive manner, and since posing our pictures on the web, all of our guests have echoed the same sentiment. “I didn’t even notice her there!” Thanks to your experience, you were able to get a picture of almost every one of our guests which means a great deal to them and us. The only problem we had is picking out the ones we wanted for our album!
Danielle and Patrick
Dear Zoya,

I just cannot tell you how beautiful the pictures are. You are truly the best photographer that I have ever been around. It was such a pleasure to go through the pictures and remember where we were and the problems that you encountered with seemingly no disruption from your mission.

I have always had a love for photography and get so excited when I take a picture that evokes feelings. Your pictures did just that. You captured the personalities of the people and even the personality of a big, ripe strawberry in a chocolate wrap.

Thank you, Zoya, for all of the effort that it took to give us beautiful memories through the eyes of an artist.

Best wishes,
Mary Banker


I just (finally) got a chance to really spend some time looking at all the photos and the DVD. How wonderful! I am so impressed with how everything turned out. I’ve shared the storybook with many people, and they are blown away by it. Your talent and final products are top notch. My mom loves her parent’s album, too.

I’m doing my best to spread the word about the best photographer in Northern Va.!

Thanks again and all the best!
Carolyn (& Matt, too!)


Thank you soo much for everything! Your professionalism, sense of humor, and overall passion for what you do set you apart not only from other photographers we met, but all our other vendors as well. You went above and beyond the call of duty by bringing in food and drinks and saving our pieces of cake. You literally made our wedding day what we had hoped for. And what a nice surprise to come back from our honeymoon last night and have our proof album waiting on our doorstep! The photos are amazing you somehow caught the personality of each guest as well as the overall mood of the night…

We can’t thank you enough!!!

Kristen and Brad Pendley

These photos look wonderful, and everyone raved about your technique and presence. Thank you for being such a wonderful presence throughout the day.
Zaje Harrell
ZOYA!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. We LOVE the photo albums. It is exactly what I wanted, exactly. I love them so much. We will bring the second one to our lake house for all to enjoy.
Thank you, thank you.
You are an awesome photographer! Since our October 2004 wedding, I have had a chance to digest the whole experience, and I am so grateful for you. You captured our day the way I had envisioned. I also appreciated your personality and guidance through the day. Jim and I think of you with such joy in our hearts. Sometime we even check out your web site to see updates to your work.
Shethir and Jim
The pictures turned out great and everyone is really happy with the results. And that includes Spider-Man. So Thank you thank you thank you for being there with us. We really appreciate it.
Melissa and Andrew
Great style, great eye! All of our friends & family said that your pictures were the best they had ever seen. “She never missed a beat.” “I felt like I was there.” Thank you for being so easy to work with and for capturing our wedding so beautifully. We love reliving our special day through your artistic, storybook wedding album that you created for us.
Laura & PJ McCarthy
You did an absolutely AMAZING job- I knew you would- but honestly- you blew me away!!!! Everyone and their brother has been asking me about you- thank you SO much for capturing our special day in such an elegant way!!! I will be sure to refer you to all of my friends who will be getting married in the near future- BRAVO!!!
Cathie Aliabadi
Seriously… Amazing
Zoya, we’d seen your work, and our expectations were high… somehow… you surpassed them. The pictures were incredible, simply beautiful. We’ve had a slew of admirers ask for your number. Watch out, you’re going to have more work than you can handle! Your style is so original, your images so creative, your vision so beautiful, your personality so wonderful, your work so irreplaceable. Thank you a thousand times. We and our family and friends will enjoy them for the rest our lives. Can’t wait to hire you for the pregnancy shoot!
Claudia and Dustin
They were all so wonderful! You really captured the personalities, playfulness and affection of not only Irene and Scott, but their friends and loved ones as well. It was a joy working with you–your professionalism made things go very smoothly, yet the way you involved yourself in our day seemed as though you were part of the event rather than someone merely recording it. Thank you!

Kathy (MOB) Irene and Scott

They are GREAT GREAT GREAT thank you sooo much for being available to capture my birth giving- I really am so happy to have had you.
We are absolutely delighted with the photos as they capture our wedding day in a very special way. It’s tough coming up with the selections for the albums as all the photos are terrific!
How did she get that shot? For us, this question best sums up Zoya’s skill and creativity. Zoya is a tremendous talent with a great deal of experience. She’ll think of things that you could never imagine, from grand backdrops to the smallest detail. Our wedding was filled with countless precious moments. We are so glad that Zoya was there to capture our story.

A bride will spend a lot of time with her photographer on her wedding day. That said, it makes sense to exercise as much care in picking a photographer as you would in developing your list of invites. In addition to being a great photographer, Zoya is also a happy spirit and a great guest. Our family and friends enjoyed watching her work.


Thank you so much. It was wonderful working with you. You made my daughter’s wedding a beautiful memory…..she’s a such a detail person. Thank you again.
Houston, Phyllis L. (CIV)
Hi Zoya!!! awesome, awesome, awesome!! we LOVE our pictures!! you did a fantastic job, as we knew that you would!! thanks sooo much for everything!! it was such a pleasure working with you!!
Lori & Justin
WOW WOW WOW Zoya!!!!
The photos are really great and now the hard part . . . choosing. Thank you for capturing our story and sharing your gift with the world.
Peace and Blessings,
Hello Zoya,
We received our album and are very pleased with it. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, it really turned out beautifully. Thank you again, it was a blessing to work with someone so driven that made our wedding truly memorable.
Julie Brown
Here we are, four months after the wedding and we are still receiving compliments on your photographs! You were so easy to work with and completely unobtrusive. You were unflappable! Despite hurricane Isabelle, the soggy ground and gray skies you made it to our wedding and photographed it with grace. You captured the day beautifully and we have SO MANY wonderful photos. We really appreciate that you took many pictures of our family and friends as well as the beautiful details of the event, all of which is now preserved in our photo album. You listened to our wishes and you gave us exactly what we hoped for.

Merci beaucoup,
Hilah and Christophe

Hi Zoya!
I just went to your site and noticed that Jacob and I have a folder of pics out there… and they’re gorgeous! I can’t believe you were able to get them out there so quickly! Becca
I can’t even begin to tell you how happy Evan & I are with our wedding pictures. From the getting ready shots to the ceremony & reception pictures, you captured all the little moments and details that made the day so great for us. And you did it in such a unique way – so many of the pictures are images I’ve never seen in other wedding albums. Even the posed shots are interesting! And we loved working with you on our wedding day, too. You kept Evan & I calm and happy (while gracefully handling the drunk & pushy relatives). So thank you. Sarah & Evan Wang
I am excited to choose the pictures and have hard copies. I cannot express enough how happy we are with your work. You had to perform under less-than-ideal (downright difficult!) conditions (as we all did) but the end result doesn’t reveal any of that. The pictures are beautiful and capture the feelings and emotions of the day—–elation! I have sent about 50 people to the website and each and every reaction includes accolades for your work. Most say that they have never seen wedding photos like these and if they could do it all over again–they would choose this style of photography. You have found your path. Amanda
We received the pictures, and could not be more pleased! You were able to capture the day in such a creative and unique manner, exactly what I had envisioned. The shots are beautiful- Even though we are far away, we will still keep you in our contacts for future photos. Thanks again for everything- We had a blast! Angie
They turned out great! We love them! Our friends and family love them! You have a natural talent that shines through in your photographs. We are so please that we were blessed with your kindness and talent on our special day. Aaron and Rebbecca
Dear Zoya,
Thank you so much for capturing and presenting our wedding memories in personal and stylized way. We are both so pleased with your talent and were hardly aware that you were taking so many of our favorite shots! -Jeff
Zoya, We both really liked the photographs as did our friends and family. Everyone loved being able to go on-line and see a chronology of the whole event. It meant a great deal to those who could not attend. Thanks so much for making our wedding day even better. Paula
Dear Zoya,
I want to personally thank you again for such a wonderful job your preformed for us on the 9th of September. We were all just delighted with the wedding photos. You have given me the pleasure of recounting the lovely wedding and reception all over again! I will certainly refer your name if an event arises! Jill
Dear Zoya,
Memories will come and go but photographs will last forever. Every time we look at the photographs you took at our wedding on May 2, 2003 we are thankful you were the person behind the camera. Without being intrusive you captured every special moment with a fantastic photograph. We are glad you convinced us to go digital because this has made it easier to see them all whenever we want. We are also very pleased with the black and white shots because they made our special event appear timeless and romantic. Thank you for patiently listening to us before and during our special day. We definitely think you helped us feel more relaxed on our wedding day. We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in recording their special occasion on film. If we had to do it all over again, we would chose you again. Thanks again. We wish you continued success. Al & Martha Santiago